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Falafel Recipe

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Falafel Recipe:

If you are planning to be successful with Falafel then trust this recipe:

1. Take 1 x 500 bag of dried Chickpeas (Not Canned)
2. Pour warm water with 1 Teaspoon of Bicarb (soda) in a bowl to cover them, and consider that the chickpeas will grow so use enough water to ensure that they won’t grow over the water level.
3. After 4-6 hours pour the water out, wash the bicarb away and get the following ingredients ready:
• 1 Big bunch of parsley or even 2 (you can’t take too much)
• a quarter a bunch of fresh Coriander (or more, depending on you)
• 2-3 large onions
• Optional but I love it: 4-5 garlic cloves
4. (hand) mince everything but not to small. Important trick: don’t Mince the ingredients one at a time. Do 1 hand full chickpeas then a few parsley stems in-between, then 1-2 quarter of an onion, then again 1 hand chickpeas, parsley, coriander and so on. That way the chickpeas color very nicely green and the mixing becomes much easier, because the onion juices clean out the chickpea mass. If you don’t have a mincer then use a kitchen mixer, but in that case don’t mix too long so that all the pieces are about the size of lentils or rice

5. Then continue and mix the lot with these ingredients:

• VERY IMPORTANT: 2 (tea)cups corn flour so the falafels don’t fall apart which happens to many that don’t know
• 1 table spoon Cumin
• 1.5 teaspoons turmeric
• 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
• 1.5 teaspoons fresh ground nutmeg
• 1.5 teaspoons black pepper
• 1 table spoon salt (or more—please check be licking your fingers later while mixing the lot) secret: some people use here 2 table spoons of quality chicken stock for more meat taste but tell anyone ?

6. Heat up the deep fryer or highly with oil filled pan to about 190-200 Degrees (Celsius) or the stove on full heat
7. And you’re ready to go!
8. Have a little bowl of water next to the falafel mix so that when the falafel scoop get to dirty that you can wash it in-between—but not too often! And use a table spoon to fill the scoop tightly and to get a rounded top.
9. Please be careful when flicking the balls into the hot oil, but be fast as well so that as many falafels as possible can fry simultaneously and save you a lot of time.

I hope that my description is understandable and can help you get the best falafels in town!
Please don’t rely to much on the spices amounts I wrote (spoons etc.) and count on your own measurements and taste before adding more by licking your fingers from the falafel juices in the mix Ah one more Tip: keep mixing the water that came from the onions and all back in the mix when it stood a for while and do not pour it away.

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