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Just to share a little history about madbuy, We are a Lebanese Restaurant in Noosa (QLD- Australia) and I can tell you that these are some of the best kitchen tools we have ever worked with in our shop, We have to scoop about 15kg of falafel mix and bake almost 500 pitas every week and these simple products have helped us grow from a market stand to a real restaurant. We've tried many before we found the Pal-Ed Falafel Scoops and the pita oven when nowhere else but in Israel. That's why my wife and I decided to build a website for the first time and that was the birth of M a db u y in September 2007.
We decided to spread Pal-Ed Falafel Scoops and the unique pita oven across the world. There's really hardly any profit but we love it. No other falafel scoop was so easy and durable like Pal-Ed's (and we have tried them all - beleive me:-)  Also the pita oven on madbuy is a true miracle tool. It's like having the power of a huge pizza oven, right there on the bench ready to burn up on normal home power to over 300 degrees (Celsius) within 2 minutes and can bake a fresh pizza in 3 minutes!

I hope you liked my little story (and sales pitch) :-D



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