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Australian Customs

Australian Customs


A Few Laws you should know when buying over the Internet

A few words in Advance: M a db u y only offers Australian Quarantine Safe Products!

  • If you arrange for goods to be brought into Australia, you are regarded by Customs as the importer of those goods. This includes purchases made over the Internet, regardless of whether or not you intend to sell or distribute those goods, own a business and if the goods are for your personal use or a gift for someone else.
  • Your imported goods may arrive in Australia either by airfreight, express courier, sea cargo or via the post office. The method of delivery will determine the Customs clearance formalities and charges.
  • Customs advises people purchasing goods over the Internet to be aware that, when those goods arrive in Australia, they will be subject to Customs controls.
  • Certain goods brought into Australia require an import permit. Customs might seize or detain such goods pending presentation of the permit. Alternatively, the goods might be a prohibited import and not allowed into the country under any circumstance.

All goods (except for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) may be imported duty and tax free if their value is $1,000 or less.

Note: However, where there are multiple packages to the same addressee in Australia from a single consignor overseas that arrive at about the same time, then the value of all packages will be combined for duty and tax assessment purposes. Refer to example 1.

Some goods commonly purchased over the Internet that are, or contain, restricted items may be detained or seized by Customs. These include:

  • performance-enhancing medicines, including steroids and health supplements containing restricted substances;
  • medications, both traditional and alternative such as herbal preparations;
  • videos, DVDs, CDs and books/publications with objectionable or offensive content;
  • wildlife souvenirs and products;
  • plant seeds;
  • electronic dog collars;
  • electronic hand-held insect zappers

This is a not a complete list of restricted or prohibited imports. To obtain further details on goods subject to import restrictions including details of permit requirements, click on the link to an article about Prohibited Imports.

Click the Picture bellow to get to the official Australian Customs Site for more information:

Australian Customs


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